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Rewards to get your tail wagging.
Treats for pets and their parents!

Paradise Club Offers a Variety of Exclusive Benefits to Reward our Loyal Guests

Paradise Club

For the frequent flyers of our resorts, we insist on rewarding your loyalty. With membership benefits designed to save you money, Fido isn’t the only one who deserves a treat. For “sitting” and “staying” with Paradise 4 Paws, you can receive discounts, exclusive perks, members-only gifts and specials, and Paradise Point redemption. Please contact our Pawcierge Desk™ for advice on which membership level is right for you by calling 720.506.9800.

Discounts and Perks

Benefits & Privileges

Paradise Club membership rewards you with:

  • Discounts
  • Suite upgrades
  • Waitlist priority

Members-Only Specials & Events

Paradise Club members are offered Members-Only specials and events including:

  • Monthly discounts or free gift offers
  • Holiday gifts
  • Yappy hours & ice cream socials

Paradise Points

Members accrue points that can be used for:

  • Additional pampering
  • Activities
  • Overnight stays
  • And more!
Membership Information

Benefits & Privileges

Paradise Club membership rewards you with:

  • Discounts on overnight stays and daycare days
  • 2-hour complimentary late check-out
  • 1-hour complimentary early check-in
  • Free suite upgrades
  • Waitlist priority
  • Reservation guarantees
Membership Levels¹ Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Overnight N/A 10% 15% 20%
Daycare 10% 10% 15% 20%
Paradise Points 1/$ 1.25/$ 1.5/$ 2/$
2-Hr Complimentary Late Check-out
Free Suite Upgrade N/A N/A
Waitlist Priority
Reservation Guarantee
Overnight N/A N/A N/A
Access to Members-Only Specials
Invitiation to Members-Only Events
Annual Dues² $99 $199 $499 $899

See Explanation of Benefits section for details and exclusions.
2 Rates subject to change. Call (847) 678-1200 to confirm pricing.


Explanation of Benefits

Paradise Club benefits include discounts, Paradise Point accrual, and waitlist priority.

Discounts Members receive discounts on Overnight Stays and Doggie Daycare as shown in the Membership Table. Some blackout dates apply. Discounts not available on packages and memberships.
Paradise Points Members earn Paradise Points for dollars spent on products and services. Some promotional pricing is excluded. Refer to the Paradise 4 Points Redemption Table for available products and services and point level required. Points do not expire as long as membership is active. If membership is not renewed, points expire 90 days after the membership termination date.
Complimentary Late Check-out Paradise Club members are eligible for a 2-hour complimentary late check-out . Overnight check-outs will accrue late charges starting at 2:00pm instead of noon. Doggie Daycare check-outs will be charged an overnight after 9:00pm but will not accrue a late check-out charge from 7:00pm-9:00pm.
Suite Upgrade Gold and Platinum members receive complimentary 1-level suite/bungalow upgrade at the time of check-in based on availability.
Waitlist Priority All Paradise Club members receive waitlist priority. Priority is given to Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze, respectively.
Reservation Guarantee All members are guaranteed reservations for Doggie Daycare and Platinum members are guaranteed reservations for both Doggie Daycare and Overnight Suites/Bungalows, except for blackout dates.
Members-Only Specials & Events Paradise Club members are offered “Members-Only” specials & events. If you would like to host an event at Paradise 4 Paws, please let us know.
Annual Dues Annual Membership dues are effective for one year from the date of membership activation. Membership dues are non-refundable and renew automatically to the valid credit card on file.
Additional Pets If you have multiple pets, a membership must be purchased for each pet. 25% discount for the second pet and 50% discount for each subsequent pet is provided on membership dues.
Membership Level Changes Memberships can be upgraded at any time during the annual membership but paying the difference in membership dues, but no other changes can be made until the term of the membership year expires. Credits will not be issued for unused membership terms.

Membership Level Guidelines

We offer different levels of membership so that you can choose what works best for you:

  • Doggie Daycare regulars
  • Frequent Travelers
  • Jet-setters

Note: These are general guidelines. Please contact our Pawcierge Desk™ for assistance in selecting the membership level that is best for you and your pet(s).

Membership Level Level Overview Estimated Usage
Bronze This level is for pet parents who will primarily use our Doggie Daycare service and rarely or never use Overnight services Normally if you use Doggie Daycare approximately 20 days/year (<2 days/month), this level is right for you.
Silver This level is right for regular travelers and/or regular Doggie Daycare users. Daycare usage of 40+ days/year (<4 days/month), OR overnight Usage of 30+ nights/year (<3 nights/month), OR a combination of the above.
Gold This level is for frequent Doggie Daycare users and/or frequent non-holiday travelers. Daycare usage of about 80 days/year (6-7 days/month), OR Overnight usage of 50+ nights/year (average of 4 – 5 nights/month), OR a combination of the above.
Platinum This level is for our jet set frequent travelers, who often travel out of town on non-holidays and/or for those who plan to utilize our Doggie Daycare very frequently. Daycare usage of 120 days/year (10 days/month), OR overnight usage of 80 nights/year (average 7 nights/month), OR a combination of the above.


Paradise Point Redemption

Members earn Paradise Points for dollars spent on products and services and points can be redeemed for various services:

  • Overnight accommodations and doggie daycare
  • Spa & grooming services
  • A la carte services and more!
Overnight Accommodations
One Level Bungalow Upgrade 200
One Level Suite Upgrade 500
Free Night – Cats
Deluxe Bungalow 1,200
Executive Bungalow 1,400
Presidential Bungalow 1,600
Free Night – Slumber Party Lounge 2,000
Free Night – Dogs
Deluxe Suite 2,000
Oasis Suite 2,500
Executive Suite 2,750
Presidential Suite 3,250
Top Dog Suite 4,500
Paradise Spa
Nail Trim 750-1,000
Ear Cleaning 500-750
Teeth Brushing 750-1,000
Nail Filing 1,250
15-Minute 1,350
30-Minute 2,500
Regular Bath 1,500-3,250
Spa Bath 2,250-4,000
Airport Parking
Free Night 750
Free Half Day 1,000
Free Full Day 1,500
Pooch in Paradise
Splash Lessons
10-Minute 750
20-Minute 1,250
Extra Play Sessions
10-Minute 750
20-Minute 1,250
Outdoor Hike
10-Minute 750
20-Minute 1,250
Treadmill Training
10-Minute 750
20-Minute 1,250
$5 Off 450
$10 Off 850
$25 Off 2,000